Setting up online bookings in Facebook messenger

When your customers message your page, it's useful to get your booking link in front of them right away. This maximises the likelihood that they will make a booking with you.
You can set up Frequently Asked Questions for Facebook Messenger using your Timely online booking link. 

  1. On your Facebook business page, click Settings:
  2. Then choose Messaging from the side menu:

  3. Under messaging, scroll down and click Set up next to 'Set up automated responses' 

  4. Toggle 'Frequently asked questions' to on, and click 'Edit' under Timing:

  5. Grab your online booking link from Timely by going to Setup > Booking buttons:

  6. Create a new question as below (you can use whatever wording you like). Click +Add a button to add a button to your response. This will expand the button options as below - enter the label for your button (what it will say) and the your Timely online booking link:

  7. When your customers launch a chat with your business page, they'll see your question there for easy selection:

  8. If they click on it, the automatic response and booking button will be sent to them as below:

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