How to use the Staff reports

Timely includes three reports around staff activity. These can be used to monitor staff performance, calculate commission and pay hourly wages.


Staff timesheet 

The staff timesheet shows the amount of time a staff member spent busy, on breaks and booked on any given day. You can see a percentage of the day that the staff member was booked, as well as their start and end times.

Dates that are in bold are modified dates that are different from the staff member's  Normal working hours.

Note: The timesheet report is populated by the roster - if you make retrospective changes to the roster this will change the timesheet report. 


Staff roster

This report shows you the working days and rostered hours for each of your staff members during a selected time period. 

It will show the Start and End time, as well as how many hours they are rostered to work in total. If the hours shows differ from the staff member's Normal working hours they will be shown in bold with an '*'.


Staff appointment summary

This report shows you a list of all the services performed by a staff member in a given period. This can only be viewed by each staff member individually.

It will show you a summary of the total appointment and invoice value for each service, for that staff member. This is broken down into appointment status.

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