How to complete a Vend sale

If you are using Vend, you'll need to complete all your sales through Vend.

Once the sale has been completed in Vend, the appointment will be marked as paid in Timely.
You can apply part payments against appointment sales and return to complete the sale at any time. 

Important information

If you are using the Timely iOS app, make sure to check out our guide for  Using the Vend integration on the iOS app instead.

It's not possible to take payment for classes via Timely, so you will need to raise sales for those customers in Vend directly. See "How to raise a sale for a product" below for more information.


How to raise a sale for an appointment

  1. Click on the appointment and click Take payment:

  2. This will open the Take payment window where you can adjust the price of each service. When you're ready, click the blue Take payment button: 
  3. Click the Open in Register button. This will open your Vend account in a new tab.
  4. From here you can VoidPark, add Notes, add a Discount or Pay the outstanding amount. Click Pay if you're ready to complete the sale: 

  5. Adjust the amount you want to Pay, if required, and click on the payment method: 

  6. If you want to split payments between payment methods, adjust the amount you want to Pay and click on the payment method. Then click the other payment method to apply a payment for the remaining balance: 
  7. When the transaction has been completed, you will be able to email or print a copy of the receipt for the customer:

  8. Close the tab to return to your Timely calendar.
  9. The appointment will then be marked as Paid and Completed in Timely.


How to raise a sale for a product

If you have a walk-in customer, or would like to sell products/services that aren't attached to an appointment, this can also be done.

You can also use this approach to process sales for customers who have attended classes.

  1. Click the Sale button in the top left corner of the menu:
  2. Search for a customer to add to the sale: 
  3. Select a product to add to the sale and add any notes, as required: 
  4. Click Pay to apply a payment to the sale and choose the relevant payment type from the options.
  5. Click Done to print a receipt and return to the calendar.
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