How to use Timely on your Windows phone

Timely doesn't currently have a native app available for Windows phones, but the great news is that you can still use Timely on your Windows phone!

Timely detects what type of device you are using and optimises the interface accordingly. The result being an experience not unlike using a typical app. The advantage here is that there is nothing to download and install and you can use Timely as if you were using it on a desktop or laptop.

We do have plans to develop native applications in the future, so make sure to  add your vote to our existing request to be kept in the loop with any updates.

Using an iPhone or iPad? Check out our  How to get the Timely iPhone or iPad app guide.

How to access Timely on your mobile device

  1. Simply launch your web browser on your device.
  2. Head to the Timely website: or the app itself:
  3. Login as you normally would.

Tablets and other larger screened devices will display an interface similar to that of larger form devices like laptops. However, smart phones show a more restricted interface due to the much smaller size of the screens.

Screenshots of the mobile view

Viewing the desktop version on mobile

If you need to access the other features in Timely that aren't accessible from the mobile interface then it is possible to view the full desktop version of the site on your mobile.

  1. Open Timely on your mobile or
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines to access the Menu.
  3. Under the Sign out option you will see a button for Desktop site (see image below):
  4. Click this to revert to viewing the desktop site.

Once you have clicked on this, your browser will automatically remember this view whenever you try to access Timely from your smartphone or mobile device.

Bear in mind that the desktop site hasn't been designed to be viewed on iPhones or similarly sized devices so scrolling around may be quite cumbersome on smaller screen sizes. 

If you want to revert back to the mobile version you will need to reset (clearing both the cookies and cache) your mobile browser before being able to do so. The process for resetting your browser will differ between browsers. 

If you are having trouble resetting your browser, get in touch with the Timely support team on and we can give you a hand.

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