Downloading Consult and FAQs

Consultations are an important part of delivering an outstanding client experience. More than just client consultations, Consult’s customisable forms will help you streamline your business, protect your brand and deliver an exceptional client experience.  Consult is an easy to use iPad/iPhone app that’s free to everyone, not just Timely customers. Download Consult here or follow the instructions below.

Download Consult 

The Consult app is separate from the regular Timely app, so you'll need to download the app first to get started:

  1. Launch the App Store on your iPhone or iPad:
  2. Tap the search option and type in Timely
  3. Or, follow this link to open the app directly in the App Store:
  4. Select Consult App from the results: 
  5. Tap GET to start downloading the app to your device:
  6. Once it's downloaded, you can open the Consult app, where you'll be prompted to enter your Salon name and email address 

Frequently asked questions

    Can I use the Consult form on any device?

    At the moment the Consult form can only be used on an iPad or iPhone using the iOS app. 

    Do I need the Timely iOS app to share consultations?

    Yes, existing Timely customers who want to upload their consultations to their client’s details screen can only do this using our iOS app.

    Can I print this on a printer?

    Yes, you can send it to your printer, or share via email. The consultation form will be saved and shared as a pdf.

    The app froze and I can't find the consultation I was working on?

    So long as you have not uninstalled the app, all consultations will be saved within the consultation app. Check the ‘in progress consultations’.

    Can I sign with my finger?


    What happens if a returning client has another consult?

    We recommend you perform a consultation at every visit. For returning clients, you can search on their name and start a new consult. There is no limit to the number of consultation forms saved or uploaded into Timely.

    Can I add or remove questions?


    Can I export the form and send it to a client before their booking to prefill and email back to me?

    No. You’ll need to complete at least one section of the form before you can send or share it with the client. We recommend that a consult if performed in the salon to ensure both the client and salon expectations are met.

    Where is the consultation saved?

    The consultations will be saved within the app for as long as you have the app installed. If you uninstall the app then you will lose all consultations. We recommend sharing your consultation forms to the relevant client details screen in Timely.

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