How to do a stocktake in Timely

While Timely doesn't currently have a dedicated stocktake feature, it is possible to complete a stocktake using Timely. Here's how:


Run the Stock levels report

To start, run the Stock levels report to get an up to date record of your stock levels as they are in Timely:
  1. Go to the Reports tab.
  2. Select the Stock levels report and click View. The report can be filtered by location and professional/retail stock.
  3. Print a copy of the report.

You can use this report to physically cross-check your stock, to ensure it matches what is recorded in Timely.


Check your inventory against the stock levels report

Use the printed report to cross-check your physical inventory with what the report shows (i.e. what stock levels you have in Timely). Record any discrepancies to be adjusted once you are finished checking.

Adjust your stock levels

Once you've finished your physical inventory check, you can use our bulk stock adjustment tool to adjust the stock levels of multiple products in one go. 
You can use the ' Stock take adjustment' reason to ensure you have a good audit trail for the adjustments:

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