How to create a stock order

Stock ordering allows you and your staff to order new stock directly from your suppliers. To create a new stock order, head to Setup > Stock orders and click ‘New stock order’. 
  1. First, select the supplier you want to order fro and which of your locations the order is heading to. 

  2. The order number is automatically generated, but you can adjust it if you like (note, order numbers are sequential in that you can’t set a smaller number than what you have - so if you start with 1234, you can’t go back to 1233).

  3. Once you’ve selected Supplier and Location you will see a list of all the products from that supplier available to be added to the order

  4. By default, the list will show all the products assigned to the chosen supplier. You can trim this list down a few ways: 
    1. By typing into the search box to find specific products to add to your order
    2. If you have Ideal quantities set for your products, you will be able to use the Top up filter so see just the products which currently have less than their ideal stock level.
    3. If you have Alert levels set, you will be able to use the Low filter to see just the products that are at or below their Alert level of stock on hand.

  5. To add all the products shown in the list to your order just click on the Add all to order button. For products that have an ideal quantity set we will calculate the quantity you need to order to bring you back up to your ideal level. If no Ideal level is set you will need to manually adjust how many items you would like to order.
  6. Otherwise just scroll down the list adding the items you want on the order
  7. Once you have added all the items you want in the order, click on review order.
  8. Reviewing the order is your chance to double-check and adjust the quantities on the order. You also have a chance to remove unnecessary products, or to add a note to your supplier. 
  9. Once you are happy with your order, click Create order 
  10. The order is now created and ready to be sent, to send just click the send button.
  11. Check the email address is correct for your supplier, and adjust the message if you like. When you’re ready, hit Send.

  12. All your stock order history will show on the Setup > Stock orders page. From here you can view your orders, mark them as received, edit them, or copy them to new orders if you would like to repeat a past order.  

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