How to create a stock order

Stock ordering allows you and your staff to order new stock directly from your suppliers. To create a new order, first, select the supplier you want to order fro m and the delivery location. 
  1. To create a new stock order, head to Setup > Stock orders and click ‘New stock order

  2. The order number is automatically generated, but you can adjust it if you like (note, order numbers are sequential in that you can’t set a smaller number than what you have - so if you start with 1234, you can’t go back to 1233).

  3. Once you’ve selected the order details, type in the Search for a product field to find the products you want to order. Click them to add them to the order.

  4. Once a product is added to the order, you can enter the amount of each product that you’d like to order. Either use the + and - buttons to adjust, or type directly into the field. When you’ve added all the products you want to order, click Create an order sheet
  5. Once your order has been saved, you’ll be shown a summary of your order. From here, you can either download the order, or email it directly to a supplier as a PDF. To email your order, click Email order.
  6. Check the email address is correct for your supplier, and adjust the message if you like. When you’re ready, hit Send.
  7. All your stock order history will show on the Setup > Stock orders page. From here you can view your orders or delete them.

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