How to add a supplier

Adding your suppliers in Timely allows you to order and keep track of your products.

  1. To add a supplier, go to Setup > Suppliers and click Add a supplier
  2. Enter the details of the supplier and click Save
  3. Once a supplier is added, it will show in the main list of suppliers. Here you can see how many products are matched to that supplier, and how many stock orders have been created for it.
  4. Suppliers can be edited or deleted from this page too. If a supplier is deleted, any connection with products will be broken.Matching products to suppliers.

Match product to a supplier

To match a product to a supplier, go to Setup > Products and Edit a product. Choose the supplier from the drop-down menu.

Additional information

Product can only be matched to one supplier, but by matching products to the supplier does not mean you can only order that product from that supplier.

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