How to Share a Consult Form with your Business (Timely Customers Only)

Consultations are an important part of delivering an outstanding client experience. More than just client consultations, Consult’s customisable forms will help you streamline your business, protect your brand and deliver an exceptional client experience.  Consult is an easy to use iPad/iPhone app that’s free to everyone, not just Timely customers. Download Consult here.

Sharing Consultation Templates - Timely Customers Only

All the consultation templates in your library will be saved to your device. Once you have your perfect consultation templates decided on, you can share it for use in your business. From the edit screen 'click' the cog and then click the grey toggle 'Share with business' which will turn it green.

Now, other staff from your business who log in to Consult will be able to see and use the templates that you share!

Timely Staff View

Timely Customers have access to a special staff view to make sure you have complete control over what consultations are being performed in your business. If anyone other than the Business Owner logs in their access will be restricted to only Templates that have been shared with them. This means you don’t need to worry about a member of your staff changing your template or accidentally deleting something important. If you want to allow another member of staff to create, edit or share a template the business owner will need to login to the device to access the form builder and sharing functionality. 

No other Timely information is accessible from Consult.

Pictured below is the screen an employee will see when they open the Consult app if they don't have access to edit Consult templates.  

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