Bootcamp week 7: Shape up your online booking

You’ve got a lot on your mind, but one of those things doesn’t need to be scheduling and managing hundreds of bookings manually! 51% of bookings are made outside of salon opening hours, so Timely is here to get your online booking in tip-top shape and help you save time and improve efficiency, provide a brilliant client experience, and bring your business’ personality to life!

Additional information: Check out our Bootcamp blog for more information on our client experience recommendations or watch the full LIVE below

Love the demo? Have a play around in the Absolutely Fabulous Salon demo account

For more detailed information about each feature talked about in the video, read these help guides:

  1. Add Timely to your website
  2. Customise the look of your online booking
  3. Service descriptions
  4. Locations
  5. Minimise gaps
  6. Multi Staff Bookings
  7. Facebook and Instagram business manager

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