How to customise the online booking process to reflect your brand

At Timely we pride ourselves in having created beautiful and easy to use online booking software that clients love to use! While most of the design and the order of the online process is fixed,  there are a few ways you can customise your online booking process, like customising your online booking colours to reflect your branding or to match your logo or website.

  1. Customise your online booking theme.
  2. Add custom booking instructions.
  3. Determine which services, staff and locations are available online.


Customise your online booking theme

You are able to customise the "theme" or colours of the booking process. This is perfect if you have your own brand or colour scheme on your website, which you'd like to incorporate in your online booking process.
  1. Head to Setup > Online bookings.
  2. Scroll down to the Appearance section.
  3. From here, you can choose one of the three colour-schemes by clicking on the relevant option:

    1. Use the default Timely theme (uses Timely Coral)
    2. Use the 'Neutral' theme (uses Timely Charcoal)
    3. Add your own custom colours (match your brand exactly!)
  4. If you select Add custom colours, you will be presented with the following options: 
  5. Click the colour square next to each online booking element and use the colour picker to select a colour. The preview on the left will change as you try new colours so you can see how it looks: 

  6. Or, you can enter the hex code for the colour directly in the field provided (What is a hex code?): 
  7. Click the Save button to apply your changes.

To reset the colours, select the Use the default "Timely" theme option again.


Add custom booking instructions

To help guide clients through the online booking process, you can provide instructions or additional information for each step of the online booking process.

To add your own text, head to the  Setup > Online bookings page and scroll down to the Add your own text section.

There will be a section available for each of the steps of the online booking process: 

This will then be displayed at the top of the online booking window:

If you have an online payment gateway connected, you can also add a custom message to appear on the payment page. This can be updated under the payment gateway settings [ Setup > Add ons > Payment gateway (Configure)]. Check our our How to set up your payment gateway guide for more information.


Determine what staff, services and locations are available online

Once online bookings are enabled, you have full control over which staff, services and locations you want to make available for online bookings.


  1. Head to Setup > Staff and click  Edit for the staff member you want to update (Find out more).
  2. Scroll down to the Booking options section and check the box next to Customers can schedule this staff member online and click Save to apply: 


  1. Head to Setup > Services and click Edit for the service you want to update (Find out more).
  2. In the Service details section, check the Customers can book this service online box and click Save to apply:


  1. Head to Setup > Locations and click Edit for the location (Find out more).
  2. Check the Customers can book this location online box and click Save:

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