How to remove or archive staff

Staff turnover is an inevitable part of any business. When a staff member leaves you might want to remove them from Timely or even archive them (in case they come back). To do this you will need to ensure they have no appointments or classes scheduled in the future.

Important information

We will not delete any appointment information when a staff member is archived or deleted. You will no longer be able to access their calendar, but the staff member's full appointment and sales history can be viewed in the reports, as well as the individual customer records.

Once a staff member is archived or deleted, you won't be charged for their calendar as part of your plan. Your monthly subscription will be updated automatically.

In this guide we'll show you how to:

  1. Remove permissions from staff.
  2. Reschedule future appointments.
  3. Turn off online booking.
  4. Archive staff members.
  5. Delete staff members.


Remove access permissions from staff

There will likely be a few things you need to tidy up in the account, before a staff member is deleted e.g. rescheduling bookings. 

In the meantime, you may wish to revoke that staff member's login access:

  1. Login as the Timely account holder.
  2. Head to Account > Staff access.
  3. Click Edit next to the staff member.
  4. Toggle this to OFF at the top of the page:
  5. Click Save to apply. 

This will immediately log the user out and will prevent them from being able to access the account, or reset their password.

We recommend giving each staff member their own access, so that you can easily remove their access when required. If you all log in under the one login, then resetting the password will log out any other devices that are logged in under that email address.


Reschedule future appointments

If a staff member has any future bookings, then you won't be able to delete their record until those bookings have been cancelled or rescheduled to another staff member.
  1. Head to the Reports tab.
  2. Select the Day sheet report from the options (this includes both classes and appointments).
  3. Set the Start date to today's date.
  4. Set the End date to as far ahead as possible (18 months).
  5. Choose the Staff member to be deleted from the drop-down list.
  6. Click View report to view the list of future appointments: 

  7. Right click on the "Time" and choose Open in a new tab to open the appointment in the calendar: 

  8. Reschedule or Cancel any future bookings: 

Once the staff member is deleted they can no longer log in or be booked. All historical appointments and sales will remain on the system and can be accessing via the reports, or from the customer's record.


Turn off online booking

While you are rescheduling their future bookings to other staff, you may wish to disable online booking for that staff member so no further bookings can be made.
  1. Head to Setup > Staff from the main menu.
  2. Click Edit next to the staff member's name: 

  3. Scroll down to the Booking options section:
  4. Uncheck the box next to Customers can book this staff member online

  5. Click Save to apply.


Archive a staff member

Perhaps you have seasonal staff, or have a staff member who is having a prolonged absence and won't be taking appointments.
If you're wanting to temporarily remove a staff member from Timely, you can make use of the Archive function. Archived staff can be reactivated at any time.
  1. Head to Setup > Staff from the main menu: 
  2. Click the Archive button next to the staff member you want to archive: 

  3. Click Archive to confirm the action: 

The staff member will appear in a new list underneath the active staff so that you can reactivate them at any time.


Delete a staff member

If the staff member won't be returning to your business, then you can delete them from your account to remove them completely.
  1. Head to Setup > Staff from the main menu: 

  2. Click the Delete button (rubbish bin symbol) next to the staff member leaving: 

  3. Click Delete in the pop up to confirm: 

At this point Timely will check for future appointments. If any exist then an alert pops up and the deletion is halted. To continue with the deletion, all future appointments for this staff member need to be removed or reassigned to other staff first. 

Even though the staff member has been deleted, their full appointment history will still be available in reports. When running a report for an historical date, you will be able to select that staff member from the Staff drop down.

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