Sell and redeem gift vouchers (iOS)

Note: To make sure you get the very best app experience, you'll need to have the latest version of IOS installed on your phone or iPad. 

In this guide we'll show you how to sell and redeem gift vouchers in the Timely iOS app.

You will need to have set up some vouchers in your account already, which can only be done on the full desktop version of Timely. Check out our How to setup and create gift vouchers guide for step-by-step instructions.

  1. Sell a gift voucher.
  2. Redeem a gift voucher.


Sell a gift voucher

Once you have vouchers set up, you'll be able to issue these to the customer directly in the iOS app.

If you're also wanting to process other items in the sale, like appointments or retail products, you'll want to issue the voucher to the customer first, before adding the rest of the items.

  1. Head to the Sales tab in the app: 

  2. Tap on the Voucher tab in the left-hand panel and select a voucher from the list:
  3. Add a To name - this will be shown on the customer's voucher:
    Note: this will also create a customer record for this name too.
  4. Select an existing customer, or create a new one, in the From field.
    Note: the voucher will also be linked to their customer record.
  5. Enter a Message to include in the voucher email.
  6. Tap Email voucher to recipient to send a copy to the recipient automatically (this will show as blue when enabled).
  7. You can then add the Recipients email to the field provided.
  8. Tap Save to move to the next step:
  9. Tap Create to add the customer and voucher to a new sale: 
  10. To add more vouchers to the sale, repeat steps 3 to 9.
  11. When you're ready, tap Pay to apply a payment: 
    You will need to apply a payment for the full amount to activate the voucher.

  12. Tap on the Payment type in the list:
  13. Tap Save and then Done to complete: 


Redeem a gift voucher

You can redeem a voucher directly from the payment screen.
  1. Once you've added everything to your invoice, tap Pay to open the payment screen: 

  2. Tap Redeem gift voucher in the bottom left: 

  3. Enter the Gift voucher code and tap Next:
  4. You'll be shown the Gift voucher balance and underneath that you can set the Gift voucher amount to use. This will default to the total cost of the sale, but you can adjust this if required:
  5. Tap Add to apply the voucher.
  6. If the voucher doesn't cover the full cost, you'll have the option to apply a payment for the remaining balance.
  7. You can then tap Save and then Done to complete the process.
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