What is Client Login?

Client Login is a way to confirm your client's identity online to give them access to extra features in Online Booking.

What are the benefits for Clients?

Clients get access to their upcoming appointments and booking history, and can edit and rebook appointments faster and more accurately. It's also where they'll find and complete any consultation forms you send to them to be completed from home. They'll always have access to their information and feel remembered and valued as clients. We'll also be adding in all sorts of extra features for your logged in clients in the future to help build strong relationships between you and your clients.

What are the benefits for your business?

There are lots of benefits to giving your clients more access to their information. In online booking your clients can check the details of previous appointments and quickly rebook. You can even add your unique client login link to your follow up messages to help clients rebook and increase your rebooking rates. If you choose to, you can allow clients to edit upcoming appointments saving you time on the phones when you could be with clients. In all you'll reduce your admin time and increase accurate bookings from loyal clients.

You may want to add a 'My Appointments' button to your website so clients can easily check their appointment history and upcoming appointments. 

If you use online consultation forms, we'll ask clients to login before they complete their form. This is great for you because it means the completed form will be saved to their client profile in Timely, and any personal details they update will likewise be saved automatically! Its a great way to get rid of time consuming data entry work.

Does this mean less control for my business?

Not at all. Client Login will only be used where you want it to be. In online booking it honours all your online booking and appointment settings. Services will only be able to be rebooked if they are currently able to be booked online; and cancellations and changes to appointments must likewise meet your cancellation policy criteria. You'll maintain full control over your business and your appointment book, you just won't need to put in as much effort. 

Do Clients have to login to make a booking?

Absolutely not! We know how important it is to give you control over your online booking process, so Client Login is completely optional. Furthermore, even if you do want to turn on Client Login, your clients can still opt to skip the sign in process and book their appointments using the logged out process.

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