How to change the account holder email

When you sign up and create a new Timely account, you will be the designated holder of the account and all of the information included. 

Account holders are the only people who can grant or revoke access to other users on the account.

Before you update the email address.

An email address can only be used once in Timely. If you want to update the account holder email to an address that is already being used, then you will need to disable the existing access for that email address.

This can be done by heading to Account > Staff access and clicking the Edit access button next to the relevant staff member. Toggle this to Off and click Save to apply:

If the business is changing owners or being sold, check out our  How to hand over your account guide for step-by-step instructions.

Change the account holder email address

  1. Head to Account > Login Details.
  2. Click the Change email address button
  3. Update the Email address:
  4. Check Update notification email address (if desired).
  5. Check Update billing email address (if desired).
  6. Click Save to update and apply.

Things to remember

The account holder is the only administrator who has access to / is able to:

  • Grant access to the account for other staff members and administrators.
  • Adjust Staff access restrictions.
  • Change the account holder email.
  • Cancel the account.
  • Request a payment holiday.
  • Request an export of account data.

Our legal responsibility is to the account holder, so the account can't be taken over by another person without expressed permission from the email address registered as the account owner.

If the account holder is unavailable for any reason (illness, extended leave, moving on to another job etc), our obligation is still to the current holder, not the business. This means that we will be unable to divulge information, or grant access to the account without expressed permission from the current owner - this must be communicated via the email address we have on file.

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