How to set up your business details

To get your account set up, or to change some important information about your business, you can update your Business details.

In this guide we'll cover how to add or update:

  1. Your business name and contact details.
  2. Your regional settings like your location, time zone and currency.
  3. A logo and description of your business.
  4. Your linked social media accounts.

These can all be updated by heading to Setup in the main menu and choosing Business details from the Your business section:


Business name and contact details

We will need some basic information about your business, which will be used across your account in your online booking and customer emails.

  1. Add your Business name. This can be updated and changed as many times as possible. This will be included in your customer emails and invoices:

    This won't change the address customers use to book online, or your location names, so make sure to check out our  How to change your business name guide for more detailed instructions on updating those.
  2. Add a Business website address. This will be used as the Return to website address when customers reach the end of the online booking process. This will also be included on your gift vouchers and invoices.
  3. Add a Business phone number which customers can use to contact you.
  4. Identify the account holder by adding their First name and Last name to the fields provided. You can choose to update the account billing details at the same time, by checking the box next to Update my Timely billing details with these settings:
  5. Click Save to apply any changes.


Regional settings

So that we can make sure your calendar displays correctly and your appointments are in the correct time and currency, we'll need to know some information about where you're located:

  1. Set the Country you are located in. Note: This will limit your SMS sending to this country.
  2. Update the Currency used by your business. This will need to match the Country you are located in.
  3. Set your Time zone. Make sure that both the location and the GMT match!
  4. Select your preferred Date format and Time format.
  5. Click Save to apply any changes.

You can only set one currency, time zone and country for the entire business.

Our  Working with timezones guide has some more information on how to manage time zones in your business.


Logo and business description

To personalise your business and make your customer emails and invoices look professional, you can add a description and logo to your account.
  1. In the Business description field, enter some information about your business. Share how your business is different from the rest and give customers a feel for how you do things. This will be shown on the mini website, so be creative!
  2. In the Business logo section, click the Edit logo button:
  3. You can then click the Upload new photo button to select a photo from your computer. Accepted formats are PNG, GIF or JPG and maximum file size is 2.0MB:
  4. Select a photo from your computer and click Open to upload it to your account: 
  5. Click Save to complete the process and return to the page:
  6. Click Save at the top or the bottom of the page to apply your changes.


Connect your social networks

You'll then be able to add a link to your social media profiles. 

  1. Add your Twitter account handle.
  2. Add your Instagram handle
  3. Add the full URL (link) to your business Facebook page.
  4. Click Save to apply.

These will be shown in a couple of places, including your mini website: 

Your customers will also be prompted to "Like" your Facebook page at the end of the online booking process.

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