How to view a sale

Once a sale has been raised in Timely, it can be viewed from a number of places in your account:

  1. From the Appointment.
  2. From the Calendar sidebar.
  3. From the Customer's record.
  4. From the Sales tab.
  5. From the Reports.

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.


From the calendar

When you raise a sale from an appointment, the sale will be linked to that appointment in the calendar. You will then have the option to view that sale directly from the booking.
  1. You'll be able to tell if a booking has been invoiced by the sale icon: 

    If the sale is paid, this will show as a solid icon . If the sale isn't paid for, this will appear as an outline .

  2. Click on the booking in the Calendar and select the View invoice option in the pop up: 
  3. This will take you to the Sales tab, with that specific sale loaded.


From the Calendar sidebar

If you're in the calendar and want to quickly view a sale for a specific customer, you can access that information from the Calendar sidebar.
  1. Click the [Space] key on your keyboard, or use the [>] button in the top-left corner to open the sidebar: 

  2. Search for the customer in the field provided: 

  3. If you scroll down, you will see a list of any Recent invoices under the Notes section. You can then click on the sale/refund number to view the sale: 

  4. To view the rest of the customer's invoices, click the View all link below: 

  5. This will take you to the customer's record to view all of their sales.


From the Customer's record

If you are already in the Customers tab, you can quickly view a list of a specific customer's sales.
  1. Search for the customer in the field provided. Click on the customer in the list, to view their record: 
  2. Go to the Sales tab of their record: 

  3. Click on Invoice # in the left-hand column to view the sale: 

  4. This will open the sale in the Sales tab.


From the Sales tab

You can also access a list of all of your sales in one place, the Sales tab.

This is perfect if you want to see the total sales for a specific date range, or make sure that all of your sales for today are accounted for.

  1. Head to the Sales tab in the main menu and select View invoices from the options: 

  2. This will default to showing you Today's sales. You can then use the date selectors provided to view the sales for another period: 

  3. Click on the View link next to each sale to view this full details: 


From the Reports

There are a number of reports which include sales information. These can be access from the Reports tab in the main menu:

Some great reports for viewing sales are:

  • The Invoice detail report: 

  • The Unpaid invoices report: 

  • The Appointment schedule will show you a list of all appointments for a given date, with a "Y" or "N" in the Invoiced column: 

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