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It can take years to really trust someone with your business and hard-earned client base. Timely lets you choose which staff members can log in from home and which ones can’t, giving you confidence knowing that your valuable client information is in safe hands.

This guide shows you how to enable pin switching and how to edit your staff access so that you can control which devices your staff can access your Timely account on. 

Only available on plans Build, Elevate and Innovate. If you would like to upgrade your plan to access this feature, follow the instructions of this guide here.
Only a business owner/account holder can manage the device security on their Timely account.


Enable pin access

Head to Account > Staff access and click the Manage pin switching button. Enable the  'Allow pin switching' checkbox and choose the length of time you would like Timely to be viewable before it automatically times out. You can also choose 'never' if you'd never like your account to timeout, however, we would not typically recommend this.

Once you have chosen a length of time, click ' Save'. 

All staff with email access to this account will now be emailed their random assigned pin code. The pin number is also available to view within staff access.

Important information: It's important to note that a staff member who has email login access must log in to the computer or device they are using so that staff without email access, can access Timely by pin. 


Update Timely access

To edit access of staff members who already have access, click   'Edit access' 

To edit access of staff members who don't yet have access, click 'Give access' 

Choose whether you'd like your staff member to have 'Only pin access' or 'Email and pin access'. 

If you choose 'Email and pin access'  this staff member will be able to log in when they are outside of the workplace as well as switching users at the workplace.

If you choose 'Only pin access' this staff member will only be able to use the Timely account when someone with email access else has logged on to the device they are using. This means staff with 'only pin access' won't be able to access Timely outside of the workplace. 

If you don't want your staff to have any access to the Timely account at all, then you should choose 'No log in access'

This means that this staff member will not be able to log in from home or switch users by pin at the workplace, if they need to see their appointments, they'll need to ask someone who does have access like a receptionist. 

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