How to combine multiple bookings on a single invoice

This article details how to add multiple bookings (appointments and/or classes) for a particular customer to a single invoice. The first step is to raise an invoice as normal.

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  1. Click on an appointment through the Calendar.
  2. Click the Raise sale button.
  3. From the invoice pop up, click the [+Other appts] button: 

  4. A selection box will appear displaying all other appointments without existing invoices for that customer. 
  5. Check the Select All check box to choose everything in the list, otherwise check the individual invoices that you want to include: 

  6. After you have made your selection, click the Add to invoice button.

The additional appointments will be added to the invoice which you can process as normal. Note that if you do not want to select any of the appointments in the list, just click the Return to invoice button.

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