How to combine multiple bookings in a sale

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When you raise a sale, it's possible to add other bookings for that client to the sale. This allows you to raise a sale and apply a payment for multiple bookings at once.

In this guide, we'll show you how to:

  1. Add multiple bookings for a single client.
  2. Add bookings from multiple clients to a sale.


Add multiple bookings for a single client

If a client wants to pay for multiple bookings at once, you can add any of their appointments (that are already booked in the calendar) to the sale.
  1. Click on an appointment in the Calendar.
  2. Click the Raise sale button: 

  3. From the New sale window, click the [+Other appts] button: 

  4. You'll be shown a list of all their bookings in the calendar, that have no sale attached to them: 

  5. You can then check the Select All check box to choose everything in the list: 

  6. Or, check the box next to each booking you'd like to include and click the Add to invoice button: 
  7. The appointments will all be added to the sale. You can then click Save to raise the sale and apply a payment: 

If you decide that you don't want to select any of the appointments in the list, click the Back to invoice button to return to the sale: 


Add bookings from multiple clients to a sale

A client may wish to pay for multiple appointments at once, for both their appointments and someone else's e.g. a parent paying for their children's appointments.

Instead of raising individual sales for each client, you can combine them into one sale.

  1. Click Raise sale on the first client's booking.
  2. The first appointment(s) will automatically be added to the sale: 

  3. Next, we'll add the second client's booking the sale.
  4. In the Invoice to field, click the "x" next to the customer's name: 

  5. Search for the second client in the Invoice to field and click on their name to add them to the sale: 

  6. Click the + Add other appointments button: 

  7. Select the bookings you want to add from their list:

  8. Click the + Add to invoice button to add the bookings to the existing sale: 
  9. Repeat the process for any other additional clients/appointments.
  10. Click Save when you're ready to raise the sale and apply a payment.

The sale will be linked to each client's appointment in the calendar. If you would like to view the sale from the client's record,, you can find it in the client record of the last client selected/added to the sale.

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