How to add customers

Your customers are key to your business as is keeping track of them. Timely makes it easy to add and manage your customers. 

There are a couple of places where you can add a customer:

  1. By adding a new customer record in the Customers tab.
  2. When you are adding an Appointment to the Calendar.


Add a new customer

  1. Head to the Customers tab.
  2. Click the green [+] button on the top left corner: 

  3. Enter the basic contact details for the customer: 

    Note: If you want to add two email addresses for one person you need to enter both addresses separated by a single comma (no spaces). Sending emails to two addresses only works for automated emails, not ad hoc messages.

  4. If you want to send SMS reminders, you will need to make sure the SMS Number field is completed. 

    Note: We will automatically add the international prefix to the SMS Number - to make sure that your SMS messages are sent, remove the "0" from the beginning of the number e.g. "21400641".

  5. Click the Addresses tab to enter a Physical address and Postal address (this will be used on the customer's invoices):
    Go to the address tab and enter a Physical and Postal addressIf the postal address is the same as the physical - just click the Copy physical address link to populate the postal address fields (or vice versa).
  6. Click Save to update and add the customer.


Add some more information

Other more specific information can also be recorded about your customers.

Select the More info tab to enter:

  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Referred by
  • Any alerts or contra indicators (important for health practitioners)
  • A custom timezone (where the customer is based if different from business)
  • VIP status


Set their individual notification and reminder settings.

Individual notification and reminder settings can be set for a specific customer. To do so, navigate to the Notifications tab.

In the notifications tab, set their custom settings if desired.

For more information, check out our  How to set individual notification and reminder settings.


Adding a customer photo

Finally, you can add a photo of your customers so you can remember what they look like. Select the Photo tab, click the Upload new photo button and click Save when you are finished.

For a full list of all your customers, head to Reports and run the Customer list report.

Add a customer from an appointment

To add a customer from a new appointment, just enter their details directly in to the appointment screen.

  1. Once you've selected a time in the calendar, you will see the Add appointment screen: 

  2. Enter the customer's basic details such as their First and last name, Telephone, Email and SMS Number

  3. If the customer doesn't already exist then the New customer option will be selected: 
  4. When you click Save a new customer will be created.

You can always complete the rest of their profile in the  Customers tab or in the Calendar sidebar. To open the sidebar, click [>] in the top left corner of the Calendar or hit the spacebar on your keyboard.

Need to import customers in bulk? We can help! Check out our How to import your customers into Timely guide.

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