How to raise an invoice

Timely tracks appointment costs and payments using invoices. These can be raised against appointments or created individually to sell products.

If you integrate your Timely account with Xero or MYOB then your invoices will be automatically synced for you.

There are a number of ways in which you can raise an invoice:

  1. From an appointment.
  2. From the main navigation.
  3. In bulk, from the Sales tab.

Can’t see these invoice options in your account? Bring your Dashboard to life and take control of your numbers by raising invoices and applying payments in Timely .To upgrade to the Schedule and Sell plan, check out our How to change your Timely plan guide.


Raise an invoice from an appointment

This method is the most common and is very straight forward:

  1. From the Calendar, click the appointment you wish to raise an invoice for.
  2. Click the Raise sale button on the appointment pop up:

  3. A new invoice will pop up showing the appointment service details as a line item and typical invoice details. You can adjust this information at any time by editing the invoice: 

  4. To change the person to be invoiced, click the (x) in the Invoice to field then type in a new name: 

  5. You can also adjust the Item / Description entered for bookings. Click on the text to edit: 

  6. To sell products with this appointment, click the [+Product ]button. Only products with Available stock will be shown here.

  7. You can also use the [+Service], [+Other Apps] and [+Package] button to add further items to the invoice.

  8. Click the Add notes and/or reference link to add any important notes or unique references, if desired.
  9. Check the Mark appointment as completed checkbox to update the appointment status. This will automatically be checked if you raise the invoice after
  10. When you have finished making changes to the invoice, click Save to finish raising it.

Note: If you have cash management enabled and haven't opened the register yet, you will be prompted to open the register before saving the sale. Check out our How to set up the sales register guide for more information.

Once the invoice has been raised, an open invoice icon will appear on the appointment:

Once the invoice has been raised, you have the option to apply a payment: 


From the main menu

You can also raise an invoice for an appointment, class, product, gift voucher, package or customer credit from anywhere within your Timely account.

  1. Click the tag icon in the top left corner:

  2. Select which type of invoice you'd like to raise from the options:

  3. Complete the rest of the process, as above.


Raise invoices in bulk

Invoices can also be created in batches for any date range you like.

  1. Head to the Sales tab on Timely.
  2. Choose a date range for appointments (to be invoiced) using the date selectors.
  3. Click the Create invoices button:

A list of new invoices and their combined total is displayed on the Sales tab. To edit the details of each invoice, click the Customise invoice link otherwise adjust the price and/or payment type.

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