How to invoice 'add on' or 'walk-in' services

Sometimes you will perform or sell an additional service to a customer as part of their appointment. If this doesn't take any additional time, then adding the service to the calendar isn't always appropriate.

Likewise, if you have a customer pop in off the street who wants to have a service done, but doesn't want or need to be booked in, you can raise a sale for that service

Instead, you can add the service directly to the invoice when you raise a sale:

  1. For an existing appointment.
  2. For a customer without an appointment.

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For an existing appointment

  1. From the Calendar, click the appointment you wish to raise an invoice for.
  2. Click the Raise sale button on the appointment pop up:
  3. A new invoice will pop up showing the appointment service details as a line item and typical invoice details. You can adjust this information at any time by editing the invoice: 

  4. Click the [+ Service] button and select a service to add to the invoice:
  5. Repeat for any other services you'd like to add to the appointment.
  6. Assign the appropriate Staff to each service, or use the Edit all option to assign them all to one staff member:
  7. Click Save when you're ready to raise the invoice.


For a customer without an appointment

  1. From anywhere in Timely, click on the sale icon in the top left corner: 

  2. Choose Service from the options listed.
  3. You can then select the Location and add the customer's name to the Invoice to section.
  4. Click the Choose a service field and select a service from the list: 
  5. Adjust the Item / Description if required:
  6. If you'd like to add more services, click the [+ Service] button and select another service to add to the invoice:
  7. Assign the appropriate Staff to each service, or use the Edit all option to assign them all to one staff member
  8. Click Save to raise the invoice and apply payment as normal.

Things to remember

  • Walk-in services will be included in the Sales reports under "Walk-in service sales".
  • Walk-in services won't be included in any Appointment reports, like the Day sheet or Appointment schedule.
  • Walk-in services will be included in your Transacted sales totals on the Dashboard, but they won't contribute towards your Average appointment value.

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