How to pause, delete and resend messages

Just like an email inbox, there are some other actions you can apply to a message:

  1. Send a reply.
  2. Resend a message.
  3. Delete a message.
  4. Pause a pending message.
  5. Mark a message as read.
  6. Mark a message as unread.
  7. View a related booking.
  8. View the client's record.


Send a reply

When you are viewing a client's reply in the SMS replies tab, you can quickly respond to their messages, via SMS or even email:
  1. Click Send reply next to a client's message: 
  2. Enter the message and click Send


Resend a message

To resend a message to a client:
  1. Check the box next to any messages you want to resend: 

  2. To select all messages, use the checkbox at the top of the column: 

  3. Click the Resend message button: 


Delete a message

If you love an empty inbox, or want to delete a message that didn't send, you can remove a message from your history.

We advise against deleting successfully sent/received messages in bulk, as this allows you to refer back to client messages in the future.

  1. Check the box next to any messages you'd like to remove: 

  2. Click the Delete icon to delete the messages: 

  3. They will be removed from your account and can no longer be accessed.


Pause a pending message

If you want to stop a message from being sent to the client, then you can stop all pending messages. 

All messages will remain as pending for 10 minutes, by default. You can update this setting under  Setup > SMS settings.

  1. Click the Stop all pending messages button: 

  2. Any pending messages will be stopped. You can then select any messages you don't want to send and Delete them: 

  3. Then Resend any of the remaining messages: 


Mark a message as read or unread

A message will need to be manually marked as read - this prevents messages from being missed by someone checking the messages and not responding to them.

Messages will appear as bold when they are unread: 

  1. Check the box next to each message you want to update: 
  2. Click the Mark as read button to show the message as having been read: 
  3. Click the Mark as unread button to mark the message as unread: 


View a related booking

  1. Click the View link in the Booking column: 

  2. This will open the booking details in a pop up window: 


View the client's record

To open the client's record from the Messages tab:
  1. Click on their name in the Customer column: 

  2. This will take you to the Customers tab, with their record open: 

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