How to upload, view and download documents

If you're using the Timely app on your iPhone or iPad, then you can scan documents directly into the Timely app. Documents can then be viewed from the client's record on any computer or device.  

Find out more about how to  Scan or upload documents on the iOS app.

In this guide, we're going to show you how to use client documents, on the Timely website. We'll cover how to:

  1. Upload a document to client's record.
  2. Download and delete documents.
  3. Give staff access to documents.

This feature may not be available on your current plan. Find out how to upgrade in our How to change your Timely plan guide.

While Timely provides a safe, secure and robust platform to store this information (note that no Timely staff can access this information), it is the responsibility of the business to ensure this information is protected and that customers are kept informed. 


Upload a document to the client's record

  1. Head to the Customers tab in Timely.
  2. Search for the client and click on their name in the list to open their record.
  3. Go to the Documents tab in the client's record: 

  4. Click the Add document button: 

  5. A window will pop up that allows you to select the document you want to upload:
  6. Find the document and click the Open button:
  7. You'll then be prompted to add a title for the document. There's no limit here, so be as descriptive as you like!
  8. Click Save to complete the process.
  9. The document will then be shown in the Documents section:


Download and delete documents

You will be able to view a client's documents from their record:
  1. Head to the Customers tab in Timely.
  2. Search for the client and click on their name in the list to open their record.
  3. Go to the Documents tab in the client's record: 

  4. You will see a list of all the documents attached to that client's record. You will be able to see the title, file type and the date the file was added: 

  5. From here, you will be able to: Download or Delete the image, or Edit the title. Read on to find out more!

Download a document

To download and open a document:

  1. Click the Download button next to the relevant image: 

  2. The document will be downloaded to your computer as a PDF.

    It's not always clear where a file will be downloaded to, as this depends on your computer setup. The most common places are; the Downloads folder, the Desktop, your Documents folder or the last place you saved a file.

  3. You can then open the PDF to view it on your computer. PDFs can be opened in Adobe Acrobat, Word, Preview (on Mac), in any image editing software (like Photoshop etc) and through your browser.

Delete a document

If you would like to remove a file from the client's record, you can delete it:

  1. Click the Delete icon () next to the relevant document:  

  2. Confirm that you would like the document to be deleted: 

  3. The document will be removed from the client's record.

Giving staff access to documents

You are able to control which staff members have access to upload and delete documents. 

The account holder can update these settings:

  1. Head to Account > Staff access in your account.
  2. Select Edit access next to the relevant staff member.
  3. Scroll down to the "Customers" section.
  4. If the staff member has access to the "Customers" tab, there will a number of additional checkboxes available:
    1. Check the box next to Allow access to customer documents, if applicable.
    2. Check the box next to Allow access to delete customer documents, if applicable.
  5. Click Save to apply your changes.

Check out our  How to restrict staff access guide for more information on updating staff access.

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