How to minimise time gaps between appointments

You and your clients love online booking, but occasionally letting your clients choose the time of their appointments can leave you with gaps in your calendar. That’s why you have the option to choose “Show only adjacent timeslots” so that your clients can only choose appointments that are right next to other appointments, minimising the gaps!

To minimise the gaps in your calendar, go to Set up > Online bookings and click the “Show only adjacent timeslots” or the "Show only the first available timeslot" checkbox (depending on which option works best for your business) and then click ‘Save’.

Your online availability will look different when you choose to minimise gaps in your calendar, here’s a comparison. The first image is with the “Show only adjacent timeslots” turned off and the second is with it turned on. 

If you choose the "Show only the first available timeslot", only one timeslot (the immediate next available appointment on that day) will be available for the customer to choose. 

Here's what you'll see on your side of the app. 

We hope you found this help guide useful! 

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