How to minimise time gaps between appointments

You and your clients love online booking, but occasionally letting your clients choose the time of their appointments can leave you with gaps in your calendar. You can choose the "Minimise gaps" setting for online bookings, so your clients only see the timeslots that will fill up your calendar without the awkward gaps.

To turn on this setting, go to Set up > Online bookings and click “Minimise gaps”.

There are also additional options to make Minimise gaps work better for you.

  • Show the last slot of the day
  • Show slots that are adjacent (before/after any existing appointment, break or busy time)
  • Set when Minimise gaps is applied

The example above shows how it looks like for your clients:

  • On the left, it shows all available times
  • On the right, Minimise gaps is enabled + The slot just before or after any existing appointment, break or busy time + The last slot of the day

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