Take Payments With Square

Important information 
Square is currently only available to customers in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, and Japan. Square integration is currently in BETA testing and is only integrated with the Timely iOS app.

This guide shows you how to set up Square as your payment terminal and our iOS app, so you can save time and reduce manual errors as payment amounts are automatically sent to the payment terminal. 

  1. Go to Setup > Sales Settings in Timely and select the option to allow iPad and iPhone app to pair with Square. Once this is done, Square will appear as a payment type.

    Tip: You can access the web setup page in-app by tapping on Open the web version of Timely on the Settings tab.

  2. Download and sign-up for the Square app from the App store

  3. Open the Timely iOS app on your iPhone or iPad and begin your sale.

  4. When you select Square on the Payment screen, you will be taken directly to the Square Payment app to complete payment:
  5. Take payment. Once you complete the sale you will be taken back to Timely automatically.

Please note: Timely will only accept payment if the Square payment is successful.

Important information: At present we are unable to refund purchases through Square.

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