How to enable and use pin switching

If you have multiple staff accessing Timely in your business, being able to switch between users efficiently is key. Timely's pin switching feature enables you and your staff to quickly switch between users, without the need for emails and passwords. The additional lockout feature also helps protect your client information when your front desk is unattended. 

This guide will cover:

  1. Enabling pin switching
  2. Grant/edit staff access to use pin switching
  3. Using pin switching day to day
  4. Troubleshooting
This feature is available on plans Build, Elevate and Innovate. If you would like to upgrade your plan to access this feature, follow the instructions of this guide here.

Enabling pin switching in your Timely account

If you'd like to enable pin switching in your Timely account, there are a few things you'll need to set up:
  1. Head to Account > Staff access and click Manage pin switching
  2. On the popup that appears, check the 'Allow pin switching' checkbox
  3. Select the lockout duration under the Lock access to Timely after: heading. This will determine how long Timely will remain idle before timing out. If you'd prefer to not have a timeout, select Never.
  4. Once you have chosen a length of time, click ' Save'. 
  5. All staff that already have login access to Timely will be emailed their brand new PIN, ready for use in Timely.
  6. Pin switching has now been enabled. A pop up will show up with your assigned PIN code. 

Grant/edit staff access to use pin switching

Staff members/administrators who already had login access to Timely will automatically be emailed their new PIN code in order to use pin switching in Timely. If you'd like to set up access for new staff/staff who didn't have access yet, you'll need to:

  1. Next to that staff member's name, click Give access:

  2. Choose whether you'd like your staff member to have 'Email and pin access' or 'Only pin access'. If you choose 'Only pin access' this staff member will only be able to use the Timely account when someone with email access else has logged on to the device they are using. This means staff with 'only pin access' won't be able to access Timely outside of the workplace. If you choose 'Email and pin access'  this staff member will be able to log in when they are outside of the workplace as well as switching users at the workplace.
  3. You'll then need to let the staff member know what their automatically generated PIN code is. They will be sent an email containing their PIN for future reference. They will not be able to access Timely with this email address if they only have pin access set up. 

Using pin switching day to day

In order to use pin switching, you'll need a manager or administrator to log in to Timely first using their email and password. Once logged in, you'll be able to use pin switching. 

Locking Timely manually

If you're going to walk away from the computer, it's best to get into the habit of locking Timely before you walk away. To lock Timely, click the lock icon in the top right hand corner:

If you do not lock Timely manually, it will automatically lock after the set time (see steps above to set a timeout).

Logging in using a pin

When Timely is locked, you will see the below lock screen:

Enter your PIN to login. You will be returned to the Timely calendar when you login. 

To find out more about using pin switching on your iOS device, check out this help guide.


What happens if my staff forget their pin?

A staff member can be sent their PIN number via email if they have forgotten it by clicking 'Forgotten pin?' link on the PIN pad. They are prompted with an email field. 

Additionally, the business owner can inform the staff of their pin number by viewing it on the staff member's staff access page:

If the staff member enters the pin number incorrectly 5 times they are redirected to the login screen, where a staff member with login access can access Timely. 

What happens if mine or my staff members' PINs are compromised?

You can regenerate a PIN for a staff member or the account holder if your PIN is compromised. Click the three little dots next to the staff member whose PIN you want to regenerate and choose 'Reset pin':

What happens if I disable pin access?

If pin switching is disabled, staff and the business owner will lose their PIN numbers and any staff with pin access only will not be able to login to Timely. If you re-enable pin switching, you will get new randomly generated PINs. 

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