Add Timely to Wix

If you need to add a Timely book now button to your Wix website, here's how to do it:

Wix websites do not currently support code or widgets from third parties (like Timely) on their website, which unfortunately, means that you can't utilise the Standard book now buttons or any of the individual booking buttons for staff, locations, services or categories.

However, you are able to add a plain booking button or link to your Wix site which will allow your customers to click on the button or link and book an appointment with you online.


Get the online booking link from Timely

  1. Login to your Timely account.
  2. Head to Setup > Booking buttons (Promote).
  3. Leave the options under Customise your selection as All.
  4. Choose a Book now link from the options.
  5. Copy the link next to The link URL to your clipboard.


Upload the book now button image to Wix

Choose any of the below button images to upload to Wix or use your own image. To download an image, right click on an image below and  Save image as:

 For more information on how to upload images to Wix, see their guide here.


Add the image to your page

  1. Log in to your Wix account.
  2. Head to My Sites and Edit site.
  3. Choose the page when you want to add the book now button.
  4. From the left side of the Editor, click the Add icon.
  5. Select Image without a Frame from the options.
  6. Select the image that you want to add and click Add Image.
  7. Place the image where you want it on the page.


Add a link to your image

  1. Click on image on the page to select it.
  2. Click the Link To option.
  3. Select Web address from the link types.
  4. Paste your booking URL in the Insert a web address field.
  5. Toggle the link to Open in a new tab.
  6. Click Ok to add the link to the image.

Wix have a guide that steps you through the process of adding a link to an element on your site here.

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