How to assign services to locations

If you have multiple locations, then you may have specific services that can only be performed at one location. Or, you might have a different pricing structure for your services between locations.

In Timely, a service's availability is linked to the hours (and locations) of the staff who can perform it. This means that all of a staff member's services will be shown when booking online.

e.g. The Spa Manicure service can only be performed at the Beauty Day Spa location. Jane can perform this service, but she works at both locations. If a customer selects another location when booking online, the Spa manicure service can still be booked with Jane.

However, it is possible to restrict a service's availability to a specific location using our Resource booking feature. This workaround will allow you to hide any services that can't be booked at that location.


Create a resource

First, you'll need to create a resource for each location:

  1. Head to Setup > Resources in the main menu.
  2. Click Add resource to create a new resource.
  3. Set the Resource name as the location's name, or another easily distinguishing title.
  4. Add the same name to the Item 1 field.
  5. Select the location from the Item location drop down.
  6. If you have multiple staff available at a location, add further items to represent each staff member.
  7. Click Save to create the resource.

  8. Repeat this process again, for any other locations.


Assign the resources to your services

If you would like to set different prices for services at each location, you will need to duplicate your service list. If you need a hand with this, reach out to the team via

  1. Head to Setup > Services in the main menu.
  2. Click the Edit button next to the service you'd like to update.
  3. Scroll down to the Resources section.
  4. Select the appropriate location in Resource required field.
  5. Click Save to update.

Once the customer selects the location, any services that are assigned to that location will be shown. If there are services that are assigned a resource at another location, then they won't be shown in the list.

If you have any questions about getting this working in your account, get in touch by sending us an email

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