Selling premium bundles online by using service groups

Take advantage of the demand when your doors reopen after COVID-19. You can’t see everyone at once and there may still be restrictions on how many clients you can see, so you should try to prioritise the clients who are willing to pay for more services or even pay a premium to be seen first.

Create a Service Group

  1. Head to Setup > Services
  2. Click the Add service group button.
  3. Fill out the details about your service group, including the Name, Category and Description

  4. If you'd like customers to be able to book this service group online, check the box next to Customers can book this service group online:

  5. Select a service from the drop-down menu: 

  6. Click Include service to add it to the group: 

  7. Change the durationprice and add padding time or processing time where needed: 

  8. Repeat this step until you’ve added all your services.
  9. Click Save to save your service group.

Once you've added a Service group, this will show alongside your regular services under the category you chose on the Services page.  


Book an appointment for a service group

Service groups can only be booked with a staff member who can perform all services within a booking group. So if a service group isn't showing up in the service list, make sure the staff member can be booked for all services included.

  1. Head to the Calendar as you normally would.
  2. Click on a free space in the calendar and choose Appointment from the options.
  3. Or, use the button in the top left corner to add a new booking to the calendar.
  4. Add a customer to the booking using the fields provided.
  5. In the Service 1 field, select the service group from the Services drop-down menu:
  6. All services will then be added to the booking.
  7. You can then change any of the default settings as required.
  8. Click Save to add the booking to the calendar.

Booking service groups online

Clients will be able to book service groups online, as long as this setting is enabled on the specific service group (see above). 

Client will also be able to book service groups - with processing time included - around other service groups with processing time. This is perfect for sections of a client's appointment where the staff member can see another client e.g. when a client's colour is processing:

The customer will see that they are booking the single service group, which makes the booking process easier. And as the client is able to book into those slots online, you will be able to maximise your available time.

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