How to change your Timely subdomain or mini website address

Every Timely account will come with a free mini website that allows customers to book in with your business online. 

When your account is first set up, you will be given a unique Timely website address based on your business name. 

For more information on setting up your mini website, check out our  How to set up your mini website guide.


Find your mini website address

You can find your mini website address by heading to Setup > Mini website.

This will be listed under the Your current Timely website address section:

We'll use the name of your business as the  subdomain, as it was first entered, followed by our address:

[http://] + [yourbusinessname] + []

The  subdomain is also what we will use to identify your business/account when customers are booking online.

When you view the code of a booking button or link, you will see your  subdomain included as part of that code: 


Update your mini website address

If you've had a change of business name, or would like to update your address to something more generic, you can update this at any time.

Important Information

The address, or "subdomain" that you enter here is the address we will use to identify your Timely account for online bookings.  Updating the address will mean that any buttons/link/widgets, on external websites, that use the old address will no longer work.

So once you have updated the address here, you will also need to update any existing booking buttons, links or widgets to use the new subdomain. Our  How to create booking buttons, links and widgets guide steps you through that process.

  1. Head to Setup > Mini website.
  2. If this is toggled to off, you will need to switch this On to update the subdomain.
  3. Click the Edit link next to Your current Timely website address.
  4. In the field provided, enter the new subdomain. We'll add the [http://] and [] parts, so just add your business name.
  5. Click Save to update and apply.
  6. If you don't want to use the mini website, you can toggle this to Off and click Save. The changes to your subdomain will still be kept.


Update your existing buttons and widgets

If you have existing buttons, links or widgets used on an external website of your own, then you will need to update these to use the new code.

Our  How to create booking buttons, links and widgets guide steps you through the process of creating new buttons.

Check out our Website guides for more specific instructions on adding those to your website:


Update your Facebook app

If you have the Timely booking app added to your Facebook page, then changing this address will break the link between the two.

You will need to remove the existing connection and then reinstall the booking app on your Facebook page.

  1. In Facebook, click Settings at the top of your Page.
  2. Click Apps in the left column.
  3. Find the Timely app in the list and click the "X".
  4. Click Yes to confirm and remove the app.

Remove the Timely booking app from your Facebook page

Then follow our  How to add Timely booking to your Facebook page guide.

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