How to switch to annual billing

If you'd like to reduce administration, bank fees and streamline your Timely payments, you can switch to our annual billing option.

This allows you to pay for a year of Timely (twelve months) upfront, without the hassle of worrying about monthly payments. You can choose the Annual option on all of our packages.

Switching to the annual plan will also give you a two-month discount. Pay for ten and get twelve months of Timely, every year!

Switch to Annual billing

  1. Head to Account > Billing in the main menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Billing period section and click the Switch to annual payments link: 
  3. You will be prompted to confirm the plan cost, as well as your next billing date.
  4. Click Confirm plan change to update the plan.

What happens when I switch to the Annual billing plan?

When you switch to the Annual plan, you will be given a pro-rated credit in recognition if the monthly payment that has already been paid. 

You will then be immediately billed for the remainder of the annual balance, this will cover your next 12 months of billing and will reset your billing date to today's date.

What happens if I want to add new staff to the account?

If you'd like to add new staff to your account during the year, you will be immediately charged a pro-rated fee that covers that staff member's calendar for the remainder of the annual billing cycle.  e.g. if you paid for your annual plan in June and a new staff member joins in December, you will be charged for their calendar from December to June the following year.

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