The Innovate package

Sophisticated tools, giving you the ability to innovate and grow your business.

This guide will step you through the Innovate package. We'll cover:

  1. Key features on the Innovate package
  2. SMS allocated & Managing SMS
  3. Frequently asked questions


Key features

The key features available on the Innovate package:
  • Calendar: The calendar is designed for ease of use with appointments colour coded. Find out more.
  • Client profile: Build out a record of each of your clients to include contact details, previous appointments, birthdays, occupations, preferences and more. Find out more. 
  • Online booking (incl. Facebook & Instagram): Take bookings from your website, Facebook or Instagram. Only with Timely do you have the option to minimise gaps in your calendar by deciding how much availability your clients are able to see. Find out more.
  • Online payments and deposits: Let clients pay for a service when they book online, or reduce costly no-shows with online deposits. Head here to learn more about online payments, or here to learn about setting up online deposits.
  • Automated marketing: Grow your revenue, brand, and client experience with Timely's powerful and customisable automated marketing messages. Head here to learn about how to get started with automated marketing.
  • Service and Retail Sales: Easy manage service and retail sales in Timely Head here to learn about processing sales, including invoices, taxes, and tips. Find out more.
  • Stock management & stock ordering: Manage the levels of stock you sell to clients and you use to deliver your services in the salon, including ordering new stock from your suppliers through Timely. Head here to learn about managing your professional stock in Timely, or head here to learn about managing your retail stock.
  • Photos: Take before and after photos, then upload them directly to the client profile in seconds. It's easy to add, edit or delete them. Find out more.
  • Documents: Scan or attach documents such as waivers or SOAP notes to a client's profile. Find out more.
  • Integrated Consultation forms: Automatically upload and access your client consultation forms in Timely. You can also send consultations to clients prior to their appointments.
  • Campaign marketing with SMS and email (coming soon): Run targeted campaigns to drive sales, improve brand awareness, generate new clients or even remind clients of events and appointment. Target SMS marketing is not included in your SMS allocation. You will be charged per text, at a very competitive rate. Head here to learn more about running a targeted or bulk SMS campaign.
  • Google Tag Manager: Make informed and precise marketing decisions by getting insights on your clients’ behaviour and knowing your return on investment. Find out more.
  • Zapier Integration: Combine your Timely client data with other apps, like CRM tools, to get fast and detailed insights into your clients' behaviour. Head here to get connect with Zapier.
  • Mobile app: Whether you're on the floor or away on a trip, Timely is available on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Timely has a beautiful native iOS app that you can download from the Apple App Store for free, or if you prefer to use an Android device you can download it from Google Play
  • Integrated payments: Process payments for services and products at the front counter, or even at the chair with our mobile apps. Find out more.

Integrated payments on the iOS app are currently limited to Australia and New Zealand, however they will be available in the UK, USA, Japan and Canada soon.

  • Customers in Australia head here to use Tyro or Square to provide a seamless payment experience with the Timely iOS app.
  • Customers in New Zealand head here to use Smartpay to provide a seamless payment experience with the Timely iOS app.


    A generous amount of SMS is available on this package and should cover the number of client reminder messages and automated marketing messages you send.

    If you go over your SMS limit (perhaps because your staff worked extra appointments than normal this month), that's not a problem, you'll just be charged a small excess SMS rate per extra SMS. Head here to learn about managing your SMS.

    SMS Campaign marketing (additional charge). Run targeted campaigns to drive sales, improve brand awareness, generate new clients or even remind clients of events and appointments through campaign SMS marketing. Targeted SMS will be charged at your same excess SMS rate Head here find out your SMS rate.


Frequently asked questions

What happens if I hire people over time and I need to add them to Timely too? No problems at all — your package grows with you. We’ll simply adjust your package price to fit your new team size. Check out the pricing page to see how Timely can grow with you.

How often does my included SMS renew? The amount of SMS included renews each month, on your billing date.

What happens if I send more than my included SMS? The SMS included in your Innovate package is designed to cover client reminder and automated marketing messaging. You can send as many SMS as you like on your plan, you’ll just be charged at your SMS rate for anything above the included SMS. You can check how many you’ve sent anytime and we’ll let you know if you’re going to go over your included amount. Head here to learn about managing your SMS.

I'm on Schedule or Schedule and Sell, when will I be migrated to the new packages? We will start migrating existing customers from July 1st with the majority of customers migrated by August 31st. If you'd like to discuss switching earlier, you can. Simply get in touch at

This help doc doesn't cover everything on the Innovate package? We're updating our help documentation so that it is easier to find the information relevant to your package. If you can't find what you're looking for in the list below, please use the search function or get in touch.

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